Polaroid DVC-00725f

I found this fascinating quote today:

This video camera with a 5.0 megapixel sensor can take high definition videos and high quality still images up to 11.0 megapixels. The Polaroid DVC-00725F HD Digital Camcorder has a glass lens, high quality system for the photos exposed from 0.5 m to infinity, including a 5x optical zoom mode and 4x digital zoom. It has a large 2.7 inch LCD screen to facilitate the image preview and review. Way, several integrated electronic flash. It has a HDMI port and cable for transferring data and software to download onto a PC. You can upload photos or videos stored on your camera to a computer via the USB port and send emails to friends or publish them on websites.The camera comes with flash memory to store photos and video clips. You can expand the memory with an SD card (sold separately) (up to 4 GB). When the camera detects a memory card inserted, and automatically saves images and video clips accordingly. Note that you can not record images or video clips to the flash memory while the memory card is installed on the device.mxyzplk, Polaroid DVC-00725f, Apr 2009

You should read the whole article.


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